Circulation Marketing & Support

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Got too much on your plate where you can't surpass circulation or sales goals? Do you need more attention and support from a smaller subscription fulfillment company? Looking for a new and affordable fulfillment vendor? The keyword is Stark Services.

Stark can help your magazines (and websites) get better exposure with a higher return on investment. We are right-sized to provide integrated technical, auditing and marketing resources to get you measurable results. How you ask? Put your circulation on our plate and devote more time to your "To-Do List". Whether you need full circulation marketing services or special project support, Stark will find a way to accommodate your business needs. We have experienced circulation managers from reputable publishing companies that will give you the attention and expertise you need. Work with us to develop strategic plans to position your print and digital magazines in the competitive market you need. Our vision is to get your publications advertising-driven and circulation-driven!

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Subscription fulfillment and circulation marketing services all in one place. We help publishers, consultants, circulation executives and circulation managers with:

  • Determining and planning circulation marketing goals
  • Identifying the audience and reaching the target market
  • Copywriting and design for dynamic subscription promotions
    (new, gift, renewal, direct mail, e-mail + MORE)
  • Subscription promotion analysis and response reports
  • Setting up and managing subscription agents to increase circulation
  • ABC publishers statements and audit reports for trade or consumer magazines
  • BPA circulation statements and audit reports for trade or consumer magazines
  • Applying for and maintaining periodicals postage for magazines
  • Getting access to key industry vendors and suppliers
  • Receiving better pay-up and renewal rates
  • Budgeting for any and all of the above
  • Fulfillment management to assure the job gets done right the first time


Promote your product, attract and capture new customers.


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Through top-notch customer service and data analysis, determine what works best to keep your subscribers.



Build your circulation to mail periodicals, increase subscription sales and sell more ads.