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Need to build a circulation audience, but don't know where to start? Stark Services can help with any circulation promotion (acquisition & retention) to help steer you in the right direction. If you have an idea for a new promotion, contact us. We are constantly developing new ways to target subscribers in all genres.

Direct Mail

Get NEW subscribers, build your circulation revenue, and brand your publication in one place! Save expenses by having our circulation management team plan, design, manage, and mail your promotions. If your subscription orders are processed at Stark, let them originate here for the best results.


A circulation must-have, a carefully planned renewal schedule is an investment that really pays off! Get subscribers to renew their subscriptions by mail, phone or e-mail year round. Send a series of renewal notices to subscribers before and after their subscripitons expire. Renewals are the most important source of subscription orders. Combine your renewal and reader service or survey promotions with our "Reader Services/Renewal Cards" (see below).

Social Media

Promote subscriptions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Bind-in & Blow-in Inserts

Get new subscribers or renew your current ones by placing a bind-in or blow-in insert card in your magazine(s).

Tip-ons & Coverwraps

Get new subscribers or renew your current ones by placing a tip-on or coverwrap in your magazine(s).

Gift Subscriptions

Allow subscribers to purchase gift subscriptions for their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Place a gift subscription offer in your magazine and website. Common gift orders in magazines are full or 1/2 page gift subscription ads, coverwraps, and inserts (bind-in and/or blow-in). Mail or e-mail a gift offer to a new targeted list before and during the holiday season. They're the perfect holiday and birthday gifts!

Donor Renewals

When offering gift subscriptions, get gift givers (Donors) & recipients (Donees) to renew their subscriptions! Encourage these subscribers to renew their subscriptions and get them to order more gift subscriptions in one promotion. Send them a series of donor renewal notices (by mail or e-mail) before and after their gift subscriptions expire.

Reader Service Cards, Survey Cards & Dual Purpose Cards

Revamping your magazine & website to increase ad revenue?
Need to deliver sales or reader feedback presentations to your advertisers?
Want to test your reader's responses before investing new editorial features?
Would you like to save subscription $$$ with our "Dual Purpose Card"?



Promote your product, attract and capture new customers.


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Through top-notch customer service and data analysis, determine what works best to keep your subscribers.



Build your circulation to mail periodicals, increase subscription sales and sell more ads.