Direct Marketing

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  • Mail renewal and bill notices to subscribers (see subscription promotions)
  • Plan all policies and setup everything in advance
  • Pickup/host all orders/qualifications and changes by mail, phone and web
  • Deposit all subscription funds
  • Qualify and encode all items to be audit-ready
  • Merge/purge and eliminate duplicates
  • Hold names for activation/inactivation
  • Maintain database for one or many products
  • Deliver extensive automatic reports
  • Provide Web-based file access for custom reports and list selections
  • Select and deliver re-qualification and demographic maintenance promotions
  • Handle all subscriber inquiries by phone and/or Web
  • Integrate systems with other servers if needed
  • Deliver presorts and labels or electronic label records to your printer/mailer
  • Deliver electronic records for digital editions and/or newsletters
  • Audit some or all of the above in a circulation or postal audit

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